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Whether you need a new website, emails, SEO, online marketing or social media, we are here for help.


We design, host, maintain, and
support your website, so you can
focus on your business!

We are Site Guru

We specialise in WordPress content management system which has proven to be number one framework for building websites in recent times.

Web Development

We mainly specialise on every steps of website design and development from conception to reality.

Organic SEO

We help you grow organically in search engines by blogging, content writing, on page seo optimization and more.

Online Marketing

We focus on various aspects of online marketing strategies from social search engines, emails and social media.

Social Media

We can shape a social media marketing campaign to get your target audiences ‘talking about your brand.


Sell you products on your websites easily. We can build your dream shop on Woocommerce or Shopify.

Web Hosting

Let us take care of your website hosting platform so you rest assured youe website is running at its optimum level.

Our platform is powered by Google Cloud

We operate on Google Cloud to create a powerful and technically superior hosting service.

SSD persistent storage

Distributed storage running on SSD disks for an optimal speed and a high-level of redundancy.

Ultra-fast network

Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best connected networks.

100% renewable energy match

Google matches 100% the energy consumed by their operations with renewable energy.